How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 20

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Chapter 35 – Mummy Dearest


Leoni's POV


"Wait so your father had organized it all?!" Claire asks me in shock as we both sit on the sofa and I fill her in on what had happened yesterday.


I nod my head and sigh rubbing my baby bump… before something clicks!


"My mother!" I suddenly gasp out, feeling dumb for not thinking of her sooner.


Where is she? Is she alive? Did my father go crazy and hurt her too?


I have to find out!


I dart up from my seat and run off out of the room in search of Kane.


He took David to the gym to train him since Kane is convinced that he can be stronger, despite being a runt or not.


I ran to the large gym on the top floor, panting and out of breath as I enter seeing Kane and David in the boxing ring together.


I gasp, hoping that Kane isn't going too hard on him but I relax slightly when I see that Kane is just showing him techniques on how to punch.


"Leoni!" Kane says in shock when seeing my state as I stand at the door.


"Kane… I… we… I need your help!" I blurt out.


"David just keep practicing hitting the punch bag for now." Kane instructs him and he goes off to the other end of the gym leaving us to speak.


"Now what's wrong?" He asks with concern written across his face as I take in his shirtless, sweat covered body.


Those muscles are to die for…




"My mother Kane… I don't know what happened to her!" I rush out causing his eyebrows to shoot up.


"Oh… uh yeah I forgot about her… I'll have one of my men find out everything by tonight so until then, just chill out." He encourages me, before mind linking someone in the pack.


I nod in appreciation before I watch David from across the gym as he punches the bag rather aggressively.


"He seems like he's doing well." I say as Kane stands there proudly watching him beat the shit out of the bag.


"Yeah… I mean he is weaker than a normal teenage boy but he has enough anger and determination in him to build his strength quickly so he should be toughened up in no time." Kane smiles.


"Just don't go too hard on him…" I warn Kane causing him to roll his eyes.


"I won't I promise…" He mutters out causing me to laugh.


"Okay I'll leave you to it then." I say as I kiss his cheek.


"You better be careful! I can tell that you ran all the way up here Leoni and you shouldn't be running!" Kane suddenly demands, referring to my baby which btw was already showing heavily, making me feel extremely fat.


Why do wolf babies grow so quick!


I exit the room ignoring him, he's just overly protective of me since I'm pregnant but I guess it's actually quite cute to be honest.


Something in Kane has changed so much… he's softer than before and he's beginning to open up a lot more to people other than me which is nice.


I smile at the thought of Kane as I wonder through the halls, heading back to meet Claire when suddenly I fall to my knees clutching a hold of my stomach in pain…




I scream out in shock as shooting pains begin to run up my back and sides consistently.


"Help!" I begin to scream frantically, hoping someone hears me as I remain on the floor unable to move.


Within minutes a guard soon appears in the hallway causing my breathing to slow down.


"Luna what's wrong?!" He asks in a panic and I just continue to scream and clutch my stomach.


The baby can't be due yet! It shouldn't be here for over a week! But I can feel it kicking so something must be wrong!


"I think it's the baby!" I shout out, screaming yet again as another rush of pain hits my body.


"I'll mind link the King! Is there anything you need Luna?" The frantic guard asks, as he quickly mind links Kane for me.


I don't reply to his question but instead I let out another scream, freaking him out completely.


"Step the fuck away from her now!" I hear Kane's over protective voice bellow from behind me seconds later.


The guard does as he's told holding his hands up in a surrender.


"He was only trying to help Ka-" I begin to say before I scream again from more pain.


"She's having the fucking baby! Tell the doctors to have the room ready!" Kane yells out in a panic causing my heart to stop.


"It's too early Kane I can't be having it now!" I demand, knowing it's impossible.


"Well babe, it's royal blood so therefore its more powerful and naturally the baby grows faster… and you’re going into labor a bit early." He explains as he lifts me up from the floor and begins running down the halls.


I grab hold of his large hand, letting out a curdling scream as I crush it with ease, watching him wince in pain.


"This is the only time you'll be allowed to hurt me princess so enjoy it!" He says angrily, causing me to smile slightly before I yell out in more pain yet again.


This baby is for sure Kane's child… it's literally fighting its way out of me right now!


We get to the doctor’s room and everyone is rushing around in a panic setting things up.


I am immediately placed on a soft bed whilst the doctor sets up everything effortlessly around me.


I scream yet again, feeling that my water has now broke due to the wet area around my jeans.


"Fucking help her!" Kane barks out in rage causing everyone in the room to flinch and panic.


"Sir we must ask you to leave…" The doctor says calmly, causing Kane's face to pale in rage.


"Don't fucking tell me to leave before I snap your neck and deliver this baby myself!" He cracks up harshly, causing the doctor to bow his head and say no more.


Before I know it, the doctor begins guiding me through this early birth and boy was it so fucking painful…




"Leoni stop being so dramatic and wake up now!" I hear Leah, my wolf, say to me from inside of my head.


She's just started speaking to me again since I think she's now fully healed from the abuse.


"What do you mean? What’s happened?" I ask her, as I'm strangely surrounded by darkness and silence.


"You were giving birth Leoni… you passed out but you have to wake up to make sure that the baby is okay." Leah explains and suddenly, with a sharp breath intake, I jolt awake in bed, frantic to see my new born child.




"Shh. Leoni love calm down… everything is okay…" Kane immediately is by my side comforting me as I try to calm my sweating state.


"W-What happened? The baby Kane? Where is it?" I blubber out in a frantic state, looking everywhere in the room, noticing I'm actually in Kane and I's bedroom now.


"The baby is fine angel… I'll take you once you calm down…" Kane soothes me by drawing light patterns on my back and holding me to him.


"You passed out for three days Leoni… I'm sorry… I never realized but because you were a runt you struggled to give birth, especially to a powerful child." Kane says sadly with his eyes lowered like it's his own fault.


"Well you’re not exactly a child expert Kane… don't worry about it, you didn't know and look at me I'm fine." I say confidently, lifting his chin up to look at me once I had calmed down.


He gives me a weak smile before pulling me off the bed and into the closet to get changed.


I put on comfy clothes and allow Kane to lead me out of the room to the room directly across the hall.


He opens the door and I nearly die when I see a colorful room decorated for a baby with many toys and baby things everywhere.


There is a huge stunning white crib in the middle of the room and I can't help but chuckle at the number of baby monitors and cameras that are set up in here.


He's so protective it's unreal.


"Did you do this Kane?" I ask in disbelief as he stands grinning at his handy work.


"Surprise!" He loudly whispers as I take in the stunning room. He must have prepared this behind my back the minute he had found out about the baby.


"Stop staring at the room and go check in the crib…" He chuckles, reminding me that my little child is lying only a few meters away from me.


I approach the bed slowly, nervous and excited of whether it is a boy or a girl. Not that it matters but it's just exciting.


I approach cautiously and look in to see a gorgeous little man all curled up in blankets and stuffed animals and instantly I fall in love.


My eyes water tremendously and I can't help but notice how similar he is to Kane.


"He even has your little angry pout." I chuckle causing Kane to grin with pride as if it's a good thing.


"He's going to be a tough little guy." Kane states causing me to laugh.


"He's not even a week old yet Kane calm down!" I say as we laugh along with each other.


"He's perfect." Kane sighs out in complete happiness as he kisses the side of my head.


"You won't be saying that when he beats your ass when he's older…" I suddenly joke, imagining them both having fights and being stubborn.


"I'll always put the little punk in his place babe don't worry… can't have my son getting out of control…" Kane jokes causing us to laugh some more.


This is just perfect.


A small knock hits against the door and we both turn to see David standing in the hall way.




"Hey bud, what's up?" Kane greets his grinning face as he enters the room.


"Kane…?" David asks causing Kane to raise his eyebrows.


"What?" Kane questions, waiting in anticipation.


"See since I'm your little brother, does that mean I'm the babies uncle?" He questions and I can't help but smile at the thought.


"Yeah that means you get to be his uncle, I'm sure he would love an uncle like you!" Kane states causing David to smile adoringly at our baby boy.




"Kane, he doesn't even have a name yet!" I suddenly exclaim feeling guilty that the baby has been nameless for three days.


"Fuck… how could we forget to name him!" Kane chuckles whilst I roll my eyes not finding this funny at all.


"Okay so are there any names you like babe?" He questions me and I shrug.


"I've never really thought about it… how about you?" I question him and to my disbelief he shrugs also.


What great parents we are.


"What about you David? Any suggestions?" We turn to him hopeful as he thinks.


"Uhh I kinda think the name Karson is cool?" He suddenly says and I grin.


I look to Kane who is in deep thought about the name…


"Karson… Karson Blood… I actually really like that… how about you Leoni?" Kane asks, turning to me now.


I grin wildly, "I agree I think it's perfect! Thank you so much David!" I squeal as I pull him into a hug.


He grins from ear to ear with pride since he chose the royal babies name whilst Kane gives him a bro hug after me.


"I’m not interrupting, am I?" I hear the all too familiar Adam say from the door causing us to all turn around.


"Nope your right on time! We just named the baby thanks to David!" I grin at both Adam and Claire as they walk in holding many balloons and gifts for our son.


"Okay… don't make me cry here… let me guess…" Adam begins to say, causing us to stare at him weirdly.


"You called him Adam Blood Junior?" He states as Kane and I burst into fits of laughter.


He can't be serious…


"I don't get why that's so funny!" Adam huffs out as I begin to cry with laughter.


"No… actually we decided to call him Karson Blood thanks to David!" I say happily as Claire screeches with joy.


"Yeah well… since he's cute… and Kane and I have done a lot of family expanding this year… I'm sure it will work…" Adam mutters out causing us to laugh some more.


"Family expanding?" Kane asks with a raised brow and a half grin.


"Well it started off just me and you… then we added Leoni… then Claire… then David… and now little Karson… and let's not forget evil little Bear too… we have built ourselves a new family Kane." Adam states proudly, causing us to smile at them both in awe.


Even Kane was smiling at the thought of having a family now and the next thing he done shocked everyone in the room, especially me…


Kane approached Adam and gave him a huge bro hug!


"I wouldn't have any of this if it weren't for you being a pain in the ass and begging me to find Leoni… so thanks Adam." Kane states awkwardly as Adam smiles widely whilst pretending to wipe a few fake tears.


"I guess I am just amazing aren't I." Adam jokes causing Kane to punch him on the arm and for everyone to laugh.


Just then, in this perfect moment, a guard appears by the door and says one scarce sentence-


"Sir… the Luna's mother is down stairs asking for her."


Chapter 36 – Crazed


There she was.


My mother.


A sobbing mess standing by the front door.


Kane and I left Adam and Claire to watch over Karson whilst we went to see why she had travelled all the way here.


"You bastard!" My mother suddenly screams, whilst throwing herself at Kane the second we had reached the bottom step.


I watch in horror as my mother tries to punch and kick at him but Kane of course tosses her onto the floor with ease.


"Control yourself woman! You’re lucky you’re not dead after that! Find yourself lucky that you’re my mate’s mother!" Kane roars at her as she sobs on the ground.


So she didn't even come here to see me? She came here to attack Kane. Good.


"Mom what are you doing here?" I question her as she throws Kane a glare before steadying herself onto her feet.


"Sweet heart…" She suddenly says, her tone changing completely as she rushes at me and embraces me in a tight hug.


I watch Kane tense as she gets too close to me, fearful in case she does anything to hurt me but she thankfully doesn't.


"I'm allowed to visit my only daughter am I not?" She questions with a smile causing me to look at her strangely.


She's acting so weird… she's acting crazy.


"Mum where have you been?" I suddenly ask, watching as her eyes go dark for a split second.


"I was out of town… and when I got back… I was told that the King over there had murdered your father… bet he never told you anything about it did he!" She spits out in rage, hoping that I didn't know anything about the situation when I knew far too much.


"He murdered my father because my father was trying to murder me!" I suddenly spit back, shocking her completely as she must not have thought that I knew anything about his sick plan.


"He… He would never hurt you Leoni…" She tries to say but is cut off from Kane this time who is enraged.


"Listen woman! You are clearly on fucking drugs of some kind or you have gone insane… you knew everything about your mates plans to kill Leoni so don't try and lie to us!" Kane rages, causing my mother to scoff at him.


"You know nothing!" She spits back and it actually scares me to see her like this… Kane is right… she is acting completely insane.


"Sorry to interrupt this little get together… but your son is screaming and we can't get him to stop…" Adam suddenly appears, causing me to inwardly curse at the mention of our son in front of my mother.


"Son?" My mother asks shocked and all I can do is nod slightly in response.


"Oh, please let me have a look at him!" She suddenly squeals with excitement causing Kane and I to glance at each other in horror.


"No." Kane immediately tells her.


"Please… I'm sorry for the way I arrived here tonight… I'm just hurting over losing my mate that's all… let me see my grandson I beg you!" She pleads to Kane before I let out a sigh.


"Fine." I say briefly, before Kane has a chance to protest.


I begin to walk up the stairs with my mother and Kane following closely behind us and soon we reach our sons room where he appears to be screaming his lungs out.


I lift him from his crib immediately realizing that this is the first time that I've held him in my arms as I smile down at him adoringly.


I rock him in my arms and whisper sweet words to him until eventually his crying halts and he stares up at me with his gorgeous round eyes.




He studies my face carefully and when Kane appears beside me, catching Karson's attention, he lets out a small giggle at us both.


"Now he is just adorable! Can I hold him!" I hear my mother scream, causing us to both turn and see that everyone else had left the room and that it was just us.


"No." Kane says his favorite word yet again causing my mother to scowl.


"Leoni can I please hold him?" My mother suddenly asks me, knowing that I'm too weak to protest.


"S-Sure." I stutter out, causing Kane to immediately notice that I'm nervous.


"Leoni you don't have to do something if you don't want to!" He protests and I shake my head at him before handing Karson to my mother.


She takes a seat with him in her arms, talking down to him and making him laugh. Seeing that she means no harm it causes me to relax slightly.


"Sir, Alpha Mason is on the phone, he says it's urgent." A guard appears in the room and I see Kane tense at the thought of leaving me here alone.


"Just go it's fine… she means no harm." I encourage him and he nods before hurrying out of the room.


"So Leoni… how's you and your fake mate." My mother suddenly asks when it's just us two left alone in the room.


"W-What did you just say?" I ask in disbelief. Did she just say my fake mate?


"You know… do you ever just miss Carter?" She suddenly asks, causing my body to stiffen at his name.


"W-Why would I miss him? He abused me!" I suddenly say, becoming nervous.


"I'm your mother Leoni… you don't have to lie to me just because the King has told you to tell everyone that… we all know that Carter was your true mate and that you left the pack just for money and royalty… quite selfish actually." She states, causing my eyes to water slightly.


My own mother still doesn't believe me.


She still doesn't want to believe that Carter wasn't my true mate and that he abused me.


"G-Give me my son." I state, feeling nervous at the fact that she clearly isn't stable.


"Sure…" She trails off, getting to her feet and approaching me.


I hold out my arms to take Karson from her but in a flash, my mother uses one hand to slap me harshly across the face before running off out the room taking my son with her.


I immediately try to regain myself, before running out of the room screaming for someone to catch her.


My heart aches in the absence of my son and I can't cope with the thoughts of what she plans to do with him.


She isn't stable. My own mother isn't stable and now she has my son!


"Kane!!" I roar and shout as I run through the house unsure of what way she ran.


Within seconds Kane is by my side panting, and looking both worried and enraged.


"Kane, she took him! She's run off with Karson!" I scream out in pain and before I can even say another word, Kane is off running through the halls like a maniac…




Kane's POV


I'm going to fucking kill her!


She's taken my son. My fucking son that was born 3 days ago!


Fucking bitch!


"Where the fuck did she go!" I demand as I run around the house like some freak.


"Sir a woman just left outside? Is that who you are looking for?" One of my guards suddenly speaks up and I swear I've never ran so fast in my life.


It’s now a hunting ground…


Bring it on bitch.


Chapter 37 – No Blood Lost


Kane's POV


I remember being told that Leoni's mother was also a runt.


That just makes my job all the easier.


A runt would never dream to pull a stunt that she just did and that's how I can tell she's either gone insane or is on drugs.


She's doing things out of her comfort zone and maybe it’s all because she lost her mate… Leoni's father.


Serves her right anyway since the man was a prick.


I run amongst the trees picking up the scent of my son in a heartbeat since he smells like Leoni and I and I let out a whistling howl.


My paws hit against the damp floor as the rain pours down soaking me completely.


All I can think about now is the fact that my son will be getting drenched in rain and will probably catch the flu due to this sick bitch kidnapping him.


But my son is a tough little dude and I'm sure he will be fighting as best he can!


I eventually catch a strong scent of him after two minutes of running, meaning I'm extremely close.


I push myself to run even faster and within seconds I reach a clearing, seeing the witch herself towering over my screaming son.


My heart clenches at the possibility of him being hurt already and every bit of my self-control is lost the second I see her raising her arm, holding a sharp stake in her grip ready to stab my baby son.


I let out an ear shattering howl before jumping through the air, catching her raised arm between my teeth, pulling her away from my son in one swift movement.


As she clutches her arm screaming I take this as my time to check on Karson and to my relief he isn't physically injured however he is soaked from the rain which infuriates me!


I shift into human form and carry him to a nearby tree where I am able to shelter him from the rain all the while he cries and screams making my heart break.


As I place him down softly, I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my shoulder blade causing me to yell out in anger.


I reach my hand back in an instant and retrieve the stake from my back, cursing at the woman for being so fucking brave.


I turn to see her running from me which only makes me smirk in amusement.


It takes more than a shitty piece of wood to kill me…


I take off sprinting behind her in human form, catching up to her within seconds before I shove her face down into a mud patch just for humor.


"You’re a brave one, aren't you." I chuckle darkly watching as she attempts to get back on her feet.


"You killed my mate! And I'm going to do everything in my power to kill your son!" She screams, making me angry once again.


"Oh, you seem to be forgetting something… in order to kill my son… I think you would have to still be alive." I smirk at her as I watch her gasp.


"Leoni won't want you to kill me!" She spits out, somehow thinking that she has priority over our son despite the fact that she just tried to murder him.


"No, you see… I killed Leoni's father right in front of her… and funnily enough, she never even shed one tear over him… so what makes you think that you'll be any different? I'm doing my family a favor by ending your life sweet heart." I say smugly as I decide to punch her just to release a bit of anger before the grand finale.




"You don't have a real family… you never will… I've heard all about you, all about your parents leaving you!" She suddenly states, causing my blood to run cold whilst she holds her bruising cheek.


I don't give a fuck about my old parents anymore… but I do have a fucking family.


"I think you'll find that I do have a family. A very good one to be exact and my poor son is behind me crying right as we speak so let's cut to the chase and finish you off, shall we?" I say, becoming impatient with her.


"You can't kill me!" She demands and I scoff.


"Watch me." I say, before I drive the stake right through her heart, enjoying watching the life drain from her eyes.


I stare down at her lifeless body in amusement before I hear Karson's cries come from behind me.




I sprint back to where I left him and Immediately scoop him up into my warm embrace.


I sprint home as fast as I can, doing my best to shelter him from the rain and after ten minutes we eventually get there.


Once I open the doors to see a sobbing Leoni along with a worried Adam, Claire and David, I ignore every one of them and run straight to the doctor’s office with Karson.


"See to him immediately!" I yell, causing the doctor and nurses to spring into action, taking my son into medical care.


I mind link Leoni telling her to bring him fresh clothes and within five minutes she arrives holding his stuff.


I allow Leoni, who is still crying and sobbing to go into the room to see him and change his wet clothes.


Once she gets back the tears have slightly dried and she is a lot calmer from seeing that her son is still alive and safe.


"D-Do you blame me for this Kane." I hear her whisper as she approaches me cautiously.


"What? Of course I don't… I'm just angry that he could have gotten seriously hurt if I hadn't got there when I did." I explain, feeling guilty for not reaching him sooner.


"You did amazing Kane! You saved him and you will always protect him and I can't thank you enough!" She tells me as she pulls me to her hugging me tightly.


"Don't thank me Leoni. It's my job to protect my family." I tell her as I hug her back.


"Kane…" I hear her say causing me to release her from my grip and look down at her.


"I think you should probably go put on some clothes…" She chuckles embarrassed, making me realize that the second I had shifted back into human form in the woods, I had been naked.


I grin at her cheekily before running off to fetch some warm stuff to put on.


After ten minutes of waiting around, the doctor soon comes to get us.


"Your son will be fine… he may have a minor flu but since he is royal blood he should heal quickly, just be sure to give him warm baths every day along with this medicine." The doctor tells us, handing us everything we need.


"Thanks Doc." I say to him earning a nod before we both head into the room where Karson was laid.


When seeing us he immediately began giggling, completely back to normal, reaching out his small hands for us to hold him.


As I go to lift him up he giggles before throwing his arms towards Leoni, ignoring me completely.


I chuckle and watch as Leoni lifts him up into her arms whilst I shake my head at them both.


"He is definitely going to be a Mummy's boy for sure!" I joke as we both laugh in content of having him back.


"Yeah because you'll probably scare the shit out of him if he ever does anything wrong." Leoni states causing me to grin.


"What else is a father for? Somebody needs to keep his ass in line!" I laugh causing Karson to laugh too as if he can understand what we are saying.


After a few minutes, Karson let's out a huge yawn signaling that he's had too much action for one day making us laugh more.


"Come on let's get him into bed before he gets cranky, it's been a long night." I say as I lead Leoni out of the room with her agreeing completely.


I'm so glad to have my little guy back and I swear to kill anybody who tries to break my family apart again!


Chapter 38 – Happily Ever After


6 years later….


"Mom! Please tell Daddy to buy me that toy!" Karson comes screaming into my room suddenly with tears in his eyes.


"Mommy!" I hear my three-year-old daughter Lana say as she waddles into the room with a headless barbie doll held tightly in her hand.


"Lana where is barbies head sweet heart?" I question her, trying my best not to laugh.


It's so obvious that these two are Kane's children!


"I dunno." She shrugs with a mischievous smile as I lead them both out of the room and towards Kane's office.


Just as we turn the last bend…there it is, the barbies head laying in front of Kane's office doors.


I take a moment to stare at the missing head, before Bear appears from nowhere, taking it into his mouth and chewing it to pieces.


"Lana did you put that there darling?" I question her and she giggles at me.


"I scare Daddy!" She squeals causing me to laugh.


What little girl rips their barbies head off to scare their father? Kane and I's daughter that's who.


I open the door allowing the crazy Karson and Lana to run at their father as quick as lightening with little Bear now barking and getting excited too as he runs in circles around them.


Lana gets in front of Karson for a brief second before Karson shoves her and knocks her down onto her butt.


Yeah that's how competitive they are for attention…


"Karson that is enough! Don't let me see you shoving your sister again! Do you understand me!" The strict Kane yells at him, causing his eyes to water slightly.


"Mumm!! Dad shouted at me again!" He suddenly cries out, running to me, causing me to laugh at the situation.


"Kane… don't shout at him like that!" I scold Kane for using such a harsh tone and watch as Karson sticks his tongue out at him smugly.


"And you… Karson… don't push your sister like that again!" I turn to him this time scolding him, whilst Kane takes it upon himself to stick out his tongue back.


Childish I know!


"Now can you tell him to please buy me that toy…" Karson whispers to me pleadingly causing me to chuckle.


Just as I'm about to ask Kane to get them gifts, he reveals two wrapped up parcels from behind his desk, one pink and one blue.


Both Lana and Karson scream with excitement before rushing towards him and tackling him completely.


"Now you both better behave yourselves unless you won't get a gift next Friday, is that clear?" Kane states, as they both nod eagerly before taking their gifts from him.


Kane decided that it would be a good idea to buy them a toy every Friday if they had behaved for the whole week…


It worked quite well considering our kids were a little out of control… but who can blame them, having Adam and Kane around all the time.


They also had David in their lives who had grown into quite the fighter due to Kane's training for the past six years. But he however was now wrapped up in spending every second with his new mate Brynn.


I watched as Lana revealed a doll almost the same size as herself in the box and as for Karson, he was relieved to finally have the Spider-Man action figure set that he had been begging us for all week.


Bear was given a new chew toy (since he too was still our baby) and they were all content.




They both ran off to their rooms in order to play with their new toys and show them off to Claire and Adams children- Trevor and Daisy whilst Bear lay silently chewing away.


"So Mrs. Blood… Adam and Claire are on babysitting duties this week which means date night for us!" Kane says as he pulls me in for a kiss.


"This is perfect Kane… who would have thought that we could ever be happy." I say in content whilst I lean against his solid chest listening to his heart beat.


"The big bad ruthless Alpha and defenseless little Leoni, finally got a happy ending!" Kane jokes causing us both to laugh.


"Yeah, no more runt issues or abuse or war!" I exclaim happily.


"Never again my angel." He states.


"I love you…" I say truthfully, thankful for everything that this man has given me.


He saved my life and is the reason I made it this far.


"I love you more than anything my perfect, beautiful wife." He states causing my heart to swell with joy.


What a perfect family we have created.


The End


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