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You’ll surely be amazed with the strong connection between your character traits and your actual physical features.  In fact, even the shape of your thumb can tell something about you!


In general, you probably have one of the five subsequent thumb shapes. Your thumb features a single joint that joins both the lower and upper parts of your thumb. Moreover, your thumb can be inflexible or flexible. Take a look at the picture below, discern what the shape of your thumb is and scroll down below to know its meaning.



Type A 


The upper half of your thumb is larger than your lower half 

You have a tendency to stretch as high and as far as you can. You have a very solid longing to excel and you’re continually thinking of methods to do so. You really wanted to succeed in life and this yearning can get very strong at times. But you’ll be forever thankful and humble if and when you succeed. This kind of personality makes you a remarkable person all around. 



Type B 


The lower half of your thumb is larger than your upper half 

You’re a very calm and contented person who understands other people. You can be trusted and will always convey what you promise. You’re extremely rooted in your beliefs and always modest. You appreciate the smaller and less important things in life and can find joy in all the things around you. You don’t fail to recall the people who helped you out to succeed and you give others the credit that they deserve. You may not be rich in cash, but you’re surely rich in love! 



Type C 


Both halves of your thumb are equal in size 

You’re always searching for the balance in life. You like when your world is harmonious and you’re the central ground when it comes to fights and disagreements. You look for equilibrium and aren’t happy until you obtain it. You effortlessly find the good in other people and the beautiful amongst the unpleasant. If you stumble across a hindrance in life, you look for a way to push forward. Your life is based around emotional and physical accord. 



Type D 


Your thumb is flexible 

If you have a flexible thumb then you’re flexible in life as well. You always acclimatize when life tosses changes at you. You’re a true survivor and you can rapidly change when you have to. If you’re given new particulars about a condition, you don’t have any problem altering your stand. You have a very open mind which is useful in life. Not many people have this uncommon quality but you make the most of it! 



Type E 


Your thumb is inflexible 

You have a prevailing and somewhat persistent personality. You always make good on your promises but you can be inflexible to some extent when it comes to some matters. When you set off to do something, you do it, no matter what! You are a very dependable person and are faithful to a fault. You have a wonderful personality that everybody around you loves. 


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Based on materials from APost

Illustrated by Germielyn Balondo for Meow Gag

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